Are you getting ready to sell your home? There’s a lot more to putting your home on the market than selecting a realtor. It’s important to make sure everything about your home makes the prospective homebuyer feel like it could be their home. Following these tips can help.

Dark wall paneling: To update appearance, repaint a light, neutral shade.

Dark rooms: Remove heavy drapes and outdated valances. Use fabric swags or scarves for color. Place lamps in a triangular pattern throughout the room to equally distribute light.

Mismatched or ugly furniture: Cover with light, neutral toned slipcovers to camouflage flaws and lend a more cohesive look to the room.

Faded carpet: Use area rugs to cover unless carpet is beyond redemption. Then replace with beige or neutral toned carpet.

Bursting bookshelves: Remove one third of books and accessories from each shelf. Eliminate paperbacks. Pull all books to edge of shelf. Create balance by putting larger books on bottom shelves and alternating sides when placing books on shelves.

“Combo” rooms: To clearly define the function of a space where rooms are not separated by walls, use large, area rugs under each furniture grouping (i.e. under dining room table and chairs; under living room seating area).

What curb appeal? Keep all walkways cleared of overgrown bushes, plants and tree limbs. If there is no time for weeding lawn, mow it down low to look like grass. Leave screens off windows and clean all glass surfaces. Give front door a fresh coat of paint or stain. Keep front porch clean and clear of clutter.

photo credit: Mirage floors Maple Greystone [kitchen] via photopin (license)