In designing, there are definitely some rules and guidelines that can be applied toward every home regardless of style. Choosing paint colors last is an example of a rule that remains a rule in every case. Art is another story.

Art turns rules upside down.

With art there is NOT a right or wrong.  Always choose a piece of art that moves you.

This is one time when spontaneous purchasing is not a bad thing.

You should fall in love with art instantly.  And when it happens, you need to find a way to purchase that piece and incorporate it into your home.

Be Prepared

If you have a specific wall in mind that you are buying for, take a photo of that wall, write the size of the wall on the back of the photo and keep it with you.

When you are shopping it can help you decide on the right piece for that space.

Know Your Budget

There is still practicalities to be considered with art~ namely your budget.

Knowing your budget will help you determine the type of art you are looking for such as an Original oil, giclee reproduction, or a print.

Don’t Color Match

Matching the color of a rug or a sofa is dated and boring.  Don’t be afraid to introduce more color even if it clashes a little bit.  Art creates  more interest and it can allow a room to grow into another color palette.