Below you will find a few of the most often repeated, most common decorating myths, and an explanation of why you should disregard them.

Myth: Artwork hung on the walls and the accessories in the room set the mood.

Truth: Color is the key element that creates and sets the mood of every room.

Visualize the following:  You walk into a room that has coral-colored walls and white moldings.  Does the color and white in this room have an impact on you? Do you feel the mood of this room? Now visualize walking into a room with beige walls and white moldings.  Does the beige and white in this room create another mood? Are you feeling the difference between the coral room and the beige room? Regardless of the art on the wall and the accessories, color is always the key element that sets and creates the mood.

photo credit: Thank you, my friends, Adam! Just a Small Branch ( 小树枝 ) via photopin (license)