Accessorizing is the art of placing and arranging objects to enrich one’s decorating style. It is through enhancement with home accessories that personality, and more importantly, visual interest is created in a room.

We can provide you with services that offer advice on how to add art and home accessories to complete a space. Whether you have too much artwork or accessories, or none at all, we can make your space look sophisticated and renewed.

Keep editing and revisiting art and accessories on display. If placement never changes, you will eventually stop seeing them.

There is one main rule in arranging objects, whether on a mantel, table or bookcase.

You need to understand the mood and spirit of the room itself. Not every accessory can be used in every situation. It is important to select only those objects that will enhance the overall effect of the room.

Try to arrange objects by color and shape. When brought together, they will take on a greater impact and significance than they have individually.

Try to create vignettes as if you were telling a story.

Pillows are an easy and immediate way to change the décor, to bring unexpected color, pattern, and texture. If you have a beautiful cinnamon-colored box, for example, amplify its presence with pillows ot the same colors.  Pillows can provide a quick seasonal change, as well.

Beautifully-framed mirrors add instant glamour and reflect and heighten the light in the room, whether it is sunlight or candlelight.

Artwork enriches a room beyond words. If you cannot afford paintings, or sculpture, consider investing in a tapestry or a series of photographs or prints — even old maps or beautiful illustrations taken from old books can be unique and eye-catching.

Spaces Design Studio can take your most personal home accessories and revisit these objects to make your home more personal and reflective of your style and interests. You will find yourself spending more time in your home with a more welcoming feeling for your friends and family to enjoy.

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