A Stylish setup with flexible and versatile lighting can bring just the right level of polish to a workspace, while keeping it warm and welcoming.

A home office or any office, in that case, does not have to be grand to be an inviting space you’d be proud of to show clients, but does have to be organized and stylish.

If your office is one that hosts the occasional client, keep in mind that furnishings and accessories always make a first impression.

That does not mean that a working home office must confirm to style rules. At home, you are free to arrange your space according to the way you work best.

Set up your workstation so that reference materials, files, printer, and phone are situated nearby.

You do not want an office that looks organized to visitors but requires you to jump up from your desk every time you need something.

A separate area for entertaining client even if it is a small space, often makes a friendlier, more polished impression.

Spaces Design Studio can make your office signal creativity and professionalism that will be inviting to guests as well as client.

We can create an uncluttered impression and a space that feels open to creativity.  One way we can accomplish this is by keeping large pieces to minimum and choosing modular pieces or those that serve more than one function.

Furniture that is wall-mounted or pieces that stand on narrow legs help make a space feel larger and more open.

If you have frequent meetings, another option is a desk that quickly closes to conceal works-in-progress when clients are scheduled to arrive.

Display personal collections and photos that will express your creativity while making your office feel at home.

The key to an office’s versatility is the ability  to move furnishing between the office space and the client area across the hall.

We also offer flexible lighting plans.

An organized workspace requires a flexible lighting plan.

A hanging globe light, connected to a dimmer switch, creates a range of soft ambient light for the entire room.

Gallery lights positioned on the wall above a desk offer adjustable task lighting without casting a glare on the computer screen.  Shutters on the windows offer the same protection.

Displaying personal collections and photos expresses your creativity while making your office truly feel like home.

When choosing a color palette, select hues that harmonize with the rest of your space.