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7 Simple Home Staging Tips

Are you getting ready to sell your home? There’s a lot more to putting your home on the market than selecting a realtor. It’s important to make sure everything about your home makes the prospective homebuyer feel like it could be their home. Following these tips can help.


A Spring Sampler

Spring is in the air, or at least we all wish it were! If you’d like to get rid of the winter doldrums and usher in some life to your home, here are some easy steps you can take now, before the crocuses bloom.


Making Window Seats Work with Your Interior Design

A cozy seat by the window is a cherished place. Bright and embracing, window seats invite you to sit and read a book, take an afternoon nap, or do nothing more than gaze out at the view. And when you consider how much they can improve a space, it is not surprising that window seats are popular.


What can I do with my fireplace mantel?

Mantels are always a significant focal point in a room. Your goal in accessorizing a mantel should be to pair elements that are not only important but compatible with your mantel style. Often the mantel is a work of art in itself. Keeping a strong, yet simple design style might be the approach for a very detailed mantel. A mantel also presents a unique situation where the wall art is absolutely part of the composition of the arrangement on the mantel’s surface. Artwork or mirrors must be chosen as one part of the whole. Your wall accessories should be comparable in style and color with the objects on the mantel so the finished composition works in harmony.

Ask Your Question

Should I use the same color carpet throughout the entire house or can I change it in some rooms?

If you have a small house, keep the flooring colors and materials to a minimum. The fewer the changes, the larger your house will seem.  However if you have a large home, you can probably afford to make color changes and materials changes.


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