Color is an essential ingredient in our environment. It communicates emotion, creates mood, and affects your energy. Color has an emotional impact that can delight you or distress you.  It is almost impossible to separate the seeing of color from the “feeling of color” because so much of what you see is based on what you feel.  Colors evoke both pleasant and unpleasant emotions. Your reaction to a particular color will be influenced by your personal experiences. Certain colors will remind you of certain people and events. You may associate colors with certain scents.

The right color alone may not be right with everything:

The perfect color in a personal palette allows everything to be right:

We will provide a written color plan of your home that will show all of the colors chosen and delineates where each of the colors will be placed including starts and stops. The plan will also include what paint finishes will be used for the surfaces.

Color is like a magic wand.  We have the ability to:

  1. Make a room look larger
  2. Evoke a particular period
  3. change the proportion of a room
  4. Lighten a dark room
  5. Help create a certain mood
  6. Make a room feel “cool” or “warm”
  7. Link different objects and areas in a house.

We clearly do not want you to ignore our wonderful magic wand as a good color scheme costs no more than a bad one. Paint is relatively inexpensive, just as you would not expect to pay more for a chocolate cone than for a vanilla one.  Most importantly, always use colors you like, and never choose a color because it is “in style.” Fashion changes and you will soon grow tired of colors you don’t love.

Colors should harmonize, they don’t need to match.  A room is enriched by variations of a color. You can learn more about how colors work together and how successful projects fall into one of three categories by enrolling in our five week “Decorating Your Home” class.

Let us help you narrow down your choices from an almost unlimited array of colors and help make your color decisions easier and avoid expensive mistakes.  You can benefit from our tool box through a color consultation or enrolling in one of our many decorating classes or workshops.

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