You’ve remembered the turkey and trimmings, the pies and cakes, and the potatoes galore, so take the time to set a gorgeous holiday table worthy of all those hours of work.

A growing trend in table décor is mixing seasonal fruits and vegetables with fresh flowers to create unique and striking holiday arrangements.

Apples can make great individual table settings or be arranged to create a unique centerpiece. Simply place a metal tea light on top of each apple, trace around the tea light with a marker and cut out the tracing. Drop a new tea light right into the top of the apple. Place each apple on top of a fall leaf and either set one apple votive arrangement at each setting or cluster in the middle of the table.

Using the abundance of nature at this time of year can make for some unusual containers for seasonal floral arrangements too. You can push pieces of florists foam into holes made in pumpkins or gourds or try hollowing out crinkly cabbages, or gourds and stuffing them with pre soaked florists foam before arranging a selection of berries, grasses, seed heads, curly willow, wired tiny pumpkins, oranges, pomegranates or whatever you can get your hands on.

Another way to make ordinary containers special is to wrap a couple of strips of double sided tape around a plain vase or simple jar and stick on overlapping fallen leaves, twigs, or even vegetables. Secure these with a raffia, string or green gardener’s twine bow, before filling with your chosen arrangement.

photo credit: Millennial minimalist table setting for Thanskgiving with floral centerpiece via photopin (license)