Spaces Design Studio

Adding Art

In designing, there are definitely some rules and guidelines that can be applied toward every home regardless of style. Choosing paint colors last is an example of a rule that remains a rule in every case. Art is another story.


Making a Stylish Bed

Did you know… the average American spends roughly a third of their life sleeping, so it might as well be done in style. Quality sheets and designer bedding ensembles not only make our beds more comfortable, they also make them a focal feature of any bedroom. Whether your style is classic and simple, bold and beautiful, or fun and whimsical, the best in bed linens can turn a boring bedroom into a bedazzling boudoir.


Inviting the Chi into Your Home

There’s nothing like an inviting entrance to make you feel welcome wherever you go. By providing a nice entrance, you not only make your guests feel welcome, but the chi (energy) is welcomed, too. The entrance area is actually three-fold. The pathway leading up to your home, the actual doorway/porch area and the foyer of your home are all considered part of the entrance.


7 Simple Home Staging Tips

Are you getting ready to sell your home? There’s a lot more to putting your home on the market than selecting a realtor. It’s important to make sure everything about your home makes the prospective homebuyer feel like it could be their home. Following these tips can help.


A Spring Sampler

Spring is in the air, or at least we all wish it were! If you’d like to get rid of the winter doldrums and usher in some life to your home, here are some easy steps you can take now, before the crocuses bloom.


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