Whether or not you have been away in the summer … just think of something exciting, inspiring, or fun you’ve done recently.

Relaxing in the sunshine?

Been on an fun adventure?

Read a really cool book over the weekend?

Use your happy memories in stylish ways to fill your home with an upbeat vibe.


Pictures are great reminders of good times. (Keep a few of your favorite feel-good photos in mind as you read on!)


A single, small vacation photo on the wall will look very lonely, but a whole series of them can make an eye-catching statement and turn your vacation photos into custom made wall art.

Imagine, for example, a New Jersey Shore home, with the wall space above the sofa covered in a row of ‘beach fun’ snapshots, all mounted in identical blue-and-white striped matting.

Or a series of pictures of your children making funny faces under a battered straw hat, all framed and sitting on a shelf – together with the original straw hat.

To create emphasis in a group of pictures, you can either choose a unifying theme (for example a color scheme, architectural details, different landscapes, breakfast settings, action snapshots … or that straw hat).

Or, unify the collection through the way you mount and frame the pictures (e.g. the color of the mounts, the size/color/shape of the frames).

Try experimenting with printing your pictures in black-and-white or sepia tones – monochrome photos can look very classy and are well suited to custom made wall art.

Also, consider using mats in colors that complement your interiors.