The Dewey Color Consultant CertificationThe Dewey Color Consultant Certification is a nationally recognized program offered through the Spaces School of Interior Redesign and Home Staging. This is a 2-day certification intended to create color “experts.”

Through this course you will master the art of color selection. You will, once and for all, be able to decidedly help clients create pleasing color palettes based on a scientific approach — a color personality assessment that is research-based and patented.

Graduates of the Dewey Color Consultant (DCC) Certification Course will have gained the skills to assist clients in selecting no-fail paint, fabric, and accessory color palettes for their home or office. This certification program can be your first step to entering the interior decorating industry, or it can be a natural compliment to your existing product and service offerings. The program is open to brand new as well as experienced decorators, designers, and sales consultants.

Get Certified Now!

  • Provide a state-of-the-art, custom service
  • Impact clients’ daily lives with scientifically-proven, mood-enhancing colors
  • Become a color expert
  • Have a competitive edge
  • Increase profits and new clients
  • Implement exclusive, market savvy promotions

Become an expert at measuring, selecting AND coordinating color combinationsAs a Certified Dewey Color Consultant, you’ll become an expert at measuring, selecting AND coordinating color combinations that reflect and inspire clients. This entirely new concept in décor-design services is a complete program that also includes the marketing elements of promoting your business. Armed with the EXCLUSIVE and patented Dewey Color Coordinator®, 25,000 perfect color combinations are only a page flip away! You can expect aesthetically beautiful rooms that will astound everyone.

Course Includes:

  • Dewey Color Membership (1st year included in course price ($200 thereafter)
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Online color trend report
  • Company listing on website
  • Custom marketing materials
  • One (1) Consultant Kit
  • Three (3) Client Kits
  • Dewey Color Coordinator
  • Dewey Color Puzzle
  • Client information form
  • By-Room tour form
  • Promotional materials
  • Consultant workbook
  • Consultant press kit
  • DCC logo
  • DCC Course Certificate
  • Press how-to guide
  • Dewey Color System
  • Client colors brochure
  • Referral coupon
  • Presentation folder

Duration: 2 Days

Cost $1,295.00

Color Coordinator One-Day Course

In this one-day course, you’ll learn how to evaluate existing colors and select colors that reflect and inspire. Hands-on problem-solving exercises will give you the ability to create no-mistake color palettes that express how, when, and where to best combine hues and undertones.

Course Materials:

  • Exclusive access to the Dewey Color Coordinator
  • Dewey Color System Book
  • Day One Course Workbook
  • Instructional Videos

Duration: 1 Day

Cost $799.00

Current Dewey Color Certificate Class Schedule:

Check our calendar for upcoming classes.

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Millions of homeowners love color but are afraid to use it.

Now they can hire YOU as a Certified Dewey Color Consultant to do it for them!

Our color consultant course will certify you to go into a home, office or commercial property and recommend exact paint, fabric and accessory colors.

Our color course is a jam-packed and powerful two-day workshop that will certify you as a Dewey Color Consultant. One Day One, you’ll learn how to give in-home color consultations. In Day Two, we’ll coach you on how to grow your own business by offering color services to clients. All course materials are included in the course price.

Ships Ahoy

The paint both you and your child choose for their bedroom should always reflect their interests and hobbies.

Sky Turquoise DK82

Show Stopper DK96

Crayola Blue DK55



A Pleasant Wake-up Call

A vibrant color with crisp, white trim and accents opens up this bathroom space and welcomes the most reluctant early riser.

Comforting Peach B23-2

Ultra White C4-4

Bamboo B12



Let’s Hop Around

Blue, orange and green create a playful and very cherry color scheme which is perfect for a child’s bathroom theme.

Granny Smith Apple DK59

Talkative Turquoise DK47

Crayola Sunglow DK57



Blue on Blue for a  Soothing Comfortable Bedroom

Monochromatic color schemes utilize a single base color and different shades and tints of that hue. This color scheme creates a very calming and soothing effect that is easy to live with.

Missoula Blue E17-3

Big Sky Blue E17-4

A Simple Style

The combination of yellows and purples creates a sophisticated and welcoming environment.

Glorious Glow C2-3

Majestic Grape F9-1

Great Colors to Stimulate Your Mind

Orange is a dominating color in nature. Using this color for a workspace creates a productive environment.

Timbermine F14-2

Spanish Tile B3-1

Complimentary Teen Theme

This complementary color scheme provides an entertaining and energetic backdrop for a young girl’s bedroom.

Little Leaf DK77

Sweetest Dreams DK64

Brick Red DK31



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