Real Estate or Home Staging is the process of preparing your home to make it more appealing to the prospective buyer for a quicker sale and possibly a better price. The buyer will view his or her experience to that of visiting a “model home.”

Why should I have my home staged for the real estate market?

Your home will become a product once it is on the market. Therefore, you will be competing with other homes. In order to sell your home quickly, it needs to be showcased in the best possible light.

At Spaces Design Studio, we can artfully arrange your existing furnishings and accessories in both a physically and emotionally pleasing manner for the potential buyer. This will give your home an updated “designer” look that will make a wonderful first impression on the buyer.

When staging a home, we will prepare a customized list of repairs and suggestions for you. These improvements will increase the value of your home and will enhance your ability to sell it quickly.

Spaces Design Studio will gladly work with individuals and real estate agents to increase the appeal of the seller’s home.

Statistics show that staged homes sell faster and for substantially higher prices when compared to homes that have not been staged.

Together we will evaluate your needs and come up with a solution to prepare your home to sell quickly… and for the most money.

How can you sell your home fast and at the right price?

First impressions are critical!  Often buyers will decide within moments of walking through your door if they are interested in your home.  Make sure your property stands out from all the others and attracts serious offers.

Spaces Design Studio will create a plan to prepare your home for potential buyers and ensure a positive first impression for the open house.  By using proven home staging techniques we can “wow” them within seconds!

Has your home been on the market longer than expected?

If your home has been on the market too long and you feel you must do something to attract offers, don’t agree to drop the asking price of your home!

Spaces Design Studio has the expertise to decorate your home to sell!  Often, agents will ask you to drop your asking price by a significant amount of money. When you schedule a Home Staging Consultation, you will be making a small investment (much less than a price reduction!) for your future. Often, after a home staging, homes may even sell above the asking price!

Are Open Houses wearing you down?

The decision to sell a home is one of the most stressful experiences in life.  Just as stressful is the work that must take place to keep your home in showing condition.

Put a stop to the endless open houses and your questions about why your home is not selling.

Spaces Design Studio will take the stress away by working with you to create a plan that will transform your home into a property that will attract offers!

No time to prepare your home before the open house?

No problem!  During a consultation, Joy Nan Rodia will create a time-saving personal action plan specific to your home.

Or, with a full-service home staging, Spaces Design Studio will handle all the details for you.  Everything from furniture rental, repairs and painting, storage, landscaping, shopping service, house cleaning, fresh flowers and fruit for the open house and much more!

Unsure of how your furniture and accessories will work in your new home?

Schedule a Redesign Consultation with Spaces Design Studio and solve the mystery!

We  will discuss ideas to eliminate extra pieces or rearrange them differently as well as guide you through the rooms and help you make decisions.  Suggestions about furniture, paint, lighting and accents will be provided.  Everything you need to settle comfortably in your new home!

Click here to arrange a complimentary 1/2-hour, in-studio consultation.