home-decorThere are a myriad of things to consider, complicated by many factors, such as one’s ability to get into the new house under construction to make your color selections under true-to-life lighting conditions. As well, you can only visualize colors against one another from small color chips from color chip samples. And you must take into consideration, the color preferences of other people who will also be living in the house.

When starting a project of this magnitude, it may be wise to consult a professional. You can still do the work yourself, but if you find you get stuck and need an unbiased opinion, you will be glad to have a professional’s advice.

To start, make a list of the fixed elements in your house that have to be considered, such as bathroom and kitchen cabinets, counter tops, hardwood flooring, etc. These will be the first color decisions you will have to make. If possible, keep these as simple as possible. The fewer the color changes in these major fixed elements, the more color options you will have open to you throughout the house.

Now that you have these major color decisions out of the way, you can start to have fun with color.

Study the check-list for each room, determining all existing furnishings and the use and function of each room. Establish a main color palette for the entire house, using something you treasure as your primary focus. It might be a favorite patterned scarf, or a painting…anything to which you can refer when you think you have strayed from your established palette and may be getting lost.

Once the main palette is established, look at individual areas such as the dining room and kitchen, or the bedroom and its adjoining bath and closets. Once again, select a pattern and chose three colors from it to establish a palette for the area, starting with the most expensive item (window coverings, carpet, etc.). Choose your main color. Then move on to selecting your secondary color and third accent color.

photo credit: tnssofres Luxury home living room with a fireplace. via photopin (license)