Room Makeovers

The Design Studio of Spaces can help you create a warm and inviting room.Interior Redesign - It is a unique and innovative art form that is transforming the way designers approach home decorating.

The art of home decoration is often perceived as a costly and time-consuming venture. Most people have attempted to give their home a face lift only to discover that the investment needed is much greater than they are willing or able to make.

Interior redesign presents a solution to this problem. In just one day, we will create a warm and inviting room using the furniture, accessories and treasured collectibles you already own. You will be thrilled with the transformation this unique design concept brings to your home.

Affordable decorating and room makeovers from The Design Studio of Spaces in Morris County, NJDo you have a room in your home that is not quite all it can be?

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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

With The Design Studio of Spaces, you can take that room to its full potential, giving it a more functional and visually appealing space, a place where your family and friends will want to spend more time.

This unique decorating service utilizes the furniture and accessories you currently own. Your cherished possessions are rearranged and reconfigured in a way that pulls your home together and maximizes their potential.

Room Makeovers provide an affordable decorating solution for any room or office.As a client you will receive a customized design plan at the end of the consultation that further illustrates how we can enhance your home. A typical design plan includes paint color, lighting, window treatments, and upholstery.

Trends come and go, but this innovative concept of decorating your home is here to stay. The Design Studio of Spaces would love to show you how to pull your home together.

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