The Design Studio of Spaces offers interior decorating services to match your budget.The Design Studio of Spaces offers services from initial concepts to final accessories. Let us help you discover the hidden potential in your home and provide you with answers to the questions of decor, layout, and practicality.

We will take photographs of your space, as well as talk with you about color preferences, style and budget. If you have put together an idea file, we would love to see it and for you to share your thoughts about the space.

This page is full of thoughts and ideas about how interior design and redesign can work for you. You can click on any of these links to view the information of particular interest to you or you can continue reading through this page:

Art and Accessory Enhancement

Accessorizing is the art of placing and arranging objects to enrich one’s decorating style. It is through accessory enhancement that personality, and more importantly, visual interest is created in a room.

We can provide you with services that offer advice on how to add art and accessories to complete a space. Whether you have too much artwork or accessories, or none at all, we can make your space look sophisticated and renewed.

Keep editing and revisiting art and accessories on display. If placement never changes, you will eventually stop seeing them.

There is one main rule in arranging objects, whether on a mantel, table or bookcase.

You need to understand the mood and spirit of the room itself. Not every accessory can be used in every situation. It is important to select only those objects that will enhance the overall effect of the room.

Try to arrange objects by color and shape. When brought together, they will take on a greater impact and significance than they have individually.

Try to create vignettes as if you were telling a story.

Pillows are an easy and immediate way to change the décor, to bring unexpected color, pattern, and texture. If you have a beautiful cinnamon-colored box, for example, amplify its presence with pillows ot the same colors.  Pillows can provide a quick seasonal change, as well.

Beautifully-framed mirrors add instant glamour and reflect and heighten the light in the room, whether it is sunlight or candlelight.

Artwork enriches a room beyond words. If you cannot afford paintings, or sculpture, consider investing in a tapestry or a series of photographs or prints — even old maps or beautiful illustrations taken from old books can be unique and eye-catching.

The Design Studio of Spaces can take your most personal accessories and revisit these objects to make your home more personal and reflective of your style and interests. You will find yourself spending more time in your home with a more welcoming feeling for your friends and family to enjoy.

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Color Enhancement

Color is an essential ingredient in our environment. It communicates emotion, creates mood, and affects your energy. Color has an emotional impact that can delight you or distress you.  It is almost impossible to separate the seeing of color from the “feeling of color” because so much of what you see is based on what you feel.  Colors evoke both pleasant and unpleasant emotions. Your reaction to a particular color will be influenced by your personal experiences. Certain colors will remind you of certain people and events. You may associate colors with certain scents.

The right color alone may not be right with everything:


The perfect color in a personal palette allows everything to be right:

We will provide a written color plan of your home that will show all of the colors chosen and delineates where each of the colors will be placed including starts and stops. The plan will also include what paint finishes will be used for the surfaces.

Color is like a magic wand.  We have the ability to:

  1. Make a room look larger
  2. Evoke a particular period
  3. change the proportion of a room
  4. Lighten a dark room
  5. Help create a certain mood
  6. Make a room feel “cool” or “warm”
  7. Link different objects and areas in a house.

We clearly do not want you to ignore our wonderful magic wand as a good color scheme costs no more than a bad one. Paint is relatively inexpensive, just as you would not expect to pay more for a chocolate cone than for a vanilla one.  Most importantly, always use colors you like, and never choose a color because it is “in style.” Fashion changes and you will soon grow tired of colors you don’t love.

Colors should harmonize, they don’t need to match.  A room is enriched by variations of a color. You can learn more about how colors work together and how successful projects fall into one of three categories by enrolling in our five week “Decorating Your Home” Class.

Let us help you narrow down your choices from an almost unlimited array of colors and help make your color decisions easier and avoid expensive mistakes.  You can benefit from our tool box through a color consultation or enrolling in one of our many decorating classes or workshops.

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Fabric Options

When choosing fabrics for upholstery, the most important consideration is their weight. Are the fabrics strong enough for their purpose?  Certainly sheer fabrics can look lovely hanging as summer drapes at the window, but they would be a disaster on a sofa.

When selecting fabrics for furniture and windows, stick to a limited color range, but vary the textures and patterns. Try not to use the same fabrics on all the pieces. That makes the room too “matchy” and limits your options.

It is often hard to visualize how a fabric will look based on the small samples supplied by fabric stores.  Big patterns, especially, will look very different when you have ten yards as opposed to a square foot.

Let The Design Studio of Spaces help you imagine your room as if you were creating a three dimensional painting, juxtaposing color and shape against another.

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Flooring Options

The floors are the foundation of any room. It should act as both a decorative feature as well as an anchor for all the other elements in the room.  The floor gives a face to a room whether covered with wood planks, tile stone, or carpet.  Floors darken or lighten the atmosphere, or can bring reflective shine. They bring pattern and texture to a room or even help to disguise awkward proportions.

Nothing warms up a room like a beautiful room. A rug provides a visual footprint; a guide to how to use the space .A darker rug will suggest a more formal interior, while a paler, driftwood-colored rug works best with casual furnishings.

Whatever your style, The Design Studio of Spaces can provide you with many resources to help you find a strong yet quiet foundation for all else that happens in your space.

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Lighting Ideas

The purpose of a well-planned lighting scheme is not only to make a room appear more generally pleasing, but more importantly, the correct lighting will facilitate the various activities carried out in any given room.

An aspect of lighting frequently overlooked is its ability to help create a certain mood.

Whether it is to help create drama at a dinner party or a restful ambiance in a bedroom, it is by the careful selection of bulbs, shades and the lamps or chandeliers, itself, that this can be achieved.  Only after considering these points is it wise to select the actual fixtures for the scheme.  They will form part of the overall design and therefore offer an opportunity to reaffirm your chosen room style.

The most important thing to remember when settling on a style of lighting is that the performance of a particular fixture has to be considered first and foremost rather than the decorative value of the lamp or chandelier itself.

Will the light cast be of a suitable quality and will it fall in the right place?

At the Design Studio of Spaces, we have many extraordinary lighting sources for all your lighting needs.

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Window Treatments

Draperies bring warmth and intimacy into a room. Nothing can match the timeless elegance of beautiful curtains in your home. You can choose between working drapes to cover your windows or stationary side panels.

It seems like everyone is going natural these days. From natural food to natural fabrics, the natural look has become a popular trend in home décor. With an abundance of natural materials, the possibilities are endless. The “in” products this season are wood shutters and woven wood shaded design to your window coverings. Adding decorative hardware as an extra touch is one of many creative options. Whatever your taste may be, The Design Studio of Spaces can provide you with unique and infinite possibilities of fabrics and styles to suit your personality and budget.

Here are a few common questions that our clients ask about window treatments:

Question 1
I like the natural light in my room but I am concerned about my privacy. What kind of window treatments are the best solutions for this situation?

There are quite a few treatments that can provide creative solutions to preserving natural light while maintaining privacy:
1. Silhouettes
2. Luminettes
3. Semi-opaque Cellular Shades
4. Roman shades with sheer fabric
5. Sheer Draperies

Question 2
What kind of window treatment is good for a large sliding door?

Sliding doors usually present a unique challenge with window treatments selection. In most cases, we will try to avoid using treatments that go up and down and try to utilize side-moving treatments such as Sliding panels (track systems) Shutters, Vertiglide

Question 3
I have existing shades on my windows. I don’t want to replace them but I would like to add something to the windows in order to give the room a final touch?

The best way to dress up a room is to add toppers drapes or complement it with bedding and /or accessories. We have a great selection of custom bedding for all budgets and styles.

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On-Line Room Makeovers – Now you can get Room Therapy On-line!

The beauty of our Room Therapy On-Line is that we don’t have to come to your home!

You will receive on-line professional assistance in finding solution and ideas that will lend a helping hand in creating your own room makeover. By rearranging your furnishings according to a custom designed room layout diagram, and by following a few of the suggestions it is possible for you to create a space that you can enjoy for years to come.

Getting Started, It’s Quite Easy!

Just send us an email and we will contact you with further details. You will be asked to supply us with several photographs of your room from different angles so we can get an idea of what your room looks like.

You will also need to send all your furniture and room measurements to enable us to draw (to scale) your room.

It should take a week or so to create a spectacular designer room layout planned especially for you.  After you have an opportunity to take it for a test run, we will provide you with up to 2 weeks of additional support via email to allow us time to communicate any new thoughts that you might have, if needed.

What do you receive from an on-line room makeover?

  • You receive a Designer Room Layout Plan for your room
  • You receive your very own custom idea list with shopping suggestions

Contact us so that we may provide you with more information to get started.

About Payment: Total cost is $250.00. After we confirm receipt of all your room information and payment, we will begin on your room plans.

We can also provide you with Color Therapy On-Line.  Choices of three colors will be $50.00.  When they are complete we will mail them to you!

Shopping Service

The variety of choices available today can be overwhelming. We recognize the obligations of professionals and family life as it can leave very little time for browsing art or furniture stores in search of that perfect find. We’ll work within your budget to find the best fabric, furniture and accessories that complement your style.

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Speaking Engagements

Need a speaker? We have shared our work and expertise with a wide variety of audiences. Please feel free to contact us to discuss details.

Home Staging – Preparing your Home to Sell

Real estate Staging is the process of preparing your home to make it more appealing to the prospective buyer for a quicker sale and possibly a better price. The buyer will view his or her experience to that of visiting a “model home.”

Why should I have my home staged for the real estate market?

Your home will become a product once it is on the market. Therefore, you will be competing with other homes. In order to sell your home quickly, it needs to be showcased in the best possible light.

At The Design Studio of Spaces, we can artfully arrange your existing furnishings and accessories in both a physically and emotionally pleasing manner for the potential buyer. This will give your home an updated “designer” look that will make a wonderful first impression on the buyer.

When staging a home, we will prepare a customized list of repairs and suggestions for the homeowner. These improvements will increase the value of the home and will enhance the ability to sell quickly.

The Design Studio of Spaces will gladly work with individuals and real estate agents to increase the appeal of the seller’s home.

Statistics show that staged homes sell faster and for substantially higher prices when compared to homes that have not been staged.

Together we will evaluate your needs and come up with a solution to prepare your home to sell quickly and for the most money.

How can you sell your home fast and at the right price?

First impressions are critical!  Often buyers will decide within moments of walking through your door if they are interested in your home.  Make sure your property stands out from all the others and attracts serious offers.

The Design Studio of Spaces will create a plan to prepare your home for potential buyers and ensure a positive first impression for the open house.  By using proven home staging techniques we can “wow” them within seconds!

Has your home been on the market longer than expected?

If your home has been on the market too long and you feel that you must do something to attract offers, don’t agree to drop the asking price of your home!

The Design Studio of Spaces has the expertise to decorate your home to sell!  Often, agents will ask you to drop your asking price by a significant amount of money. When you schedule a Home Staging Consultation, you will be making a small investment (much less than a price reduction!) for your future. Often, after a home staging, homes may even sell above the asking price!

Are Open Houses wearing you down?

The decision to sell a home is one of the most stressful experiences in life.  Just as stressful is the work that must take place to keep your home in showing condition.

Put a stop to the endless open houses and your questions about why your home is not selling.

The Design Studio of Spaces will take the stress away by working with you to create a plan that will transform your home into a property that will attract offers!

No time to prepare your home before the open house?

No problem!  During a consultation, Joy Nan Rodia will create a time saving personal action plan specific to your home.

Or, with a full-service home staging, The Design Studio of Spaces will handle all the details for you.  Everything from furniture rental, repairs and painting, storage, landscaping, shopping service, house cleaning, fresh flowers and fruit for the open house and much more!

Unsure of how your furniture and accessories will work in your new home?

Schedule a Redesign Consultation with The Design Studio of Spaces and solve the mystery!

We  will discuss ideas to eliminate extra pieces or rearrange them differently as well as guide you through the rooms and help you make decisions.  Suggestions about furniture, paint, lighting and accents will be provided.  Everything you need to settle comfortably in your new home!

Click here to arrange a complimentary 1/2-hour, in-studio consultation.