There’s nothing like an inviting entrance to make you feel welcome wherever you go. By providing a nice entrance, you not only make your guests feel welcome, but the chi (energy) is welcomed, too. The entrance area is actually three-fold. The pathway leading up to your home, the actual doorway/porch area and the foyer of your home are all considered part of the entrance.

When you’re doing your spruce-up work this spring, include these Feng Shui tips for a grand entrance area. Then watch the chi energize your home. By creating an inviting entrance you are creating a harmonious space that works for you. It becomes an energized environment that not only nurtures and comforts you and your family, but helps you achieve your goals too.

  1. Front door * Make sure that it’s clean. * Give it a fresh coat of paint or stain, if needed. * Assure that it doesn’t stick or squeak. * If there is anything stored behind the door that prevents it from opening fully, remove it.
  2. Front entrance * Repair any cracks in the sidewalk or stairs. * Railings – Make any necessary repairs and paint or stain as needed. * Greeters – Add a pot or two of flowers or a statue as a guardian/greeter by your front door/stairs. * Lighting – Make sure that the area is well lit, including the sidewalk leading up to your front door. * Clean the area thoroughly – Nothing says ‘neglect’ like cobwebs.
  3. Foyer * If the area is small or dark, consider putting up a mirror to expand and brighten the area. * Lighting – Is there adequate, pleasant lighting here? * If there is space, provide a chair or bench for your guests to either sit while putting on shoes/boots or to place their packages. (This shows you have their comfort in mind.) * Place a favorite piece of artwork here. * Make sure the area is clean and organized. * If you are a shoeless house, provide a place for the shoes so that they are organized.