The purpose of a well-planned home lighting scheme is not only to make a room appear more generally pleasing, but more importantly, the correct lighting will facilitate the various activities carried out in any given room.

An aspect of home lighting frequently overlooked is its ability to help create a certain mood.

Whether it is to help create drama at a dinner party or a restful ambiance in a bedroom, it is by the careful selection of bulbs, shades and the lamps or chandeliers, itself, that this can be achieved.  Only after considering these points is it wise to select the actual fixtures for the scheme.  They will form part of the overall design and therefore offer an opportunity to reaffirm your chosen room style.

The most important thing to remember when settling on a style of home lighting is that the performance of a particular fixture has to be considered first and foremost rather than the decorative value of the lamp or chandelier itself.

Will the light cast be of a suitable quality and will it fall in the right place?

At Spaces Design Studio, we have many extraordinary lighting sources for all your lighting needs.

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