Did you know… the average American spends roughly a third of their life sleeping, so it might as well be done in style. Quality sheets and designer bedding ensembles not only make our beds more comfortable, they also make them a focal feature of any bedroom. Whether your style is classic and simple, bold and beautiful, or fun and whimsical, the best in bed linens can turn a boring bedroom into a bedazzling boudoir.

Here are some tips for getting that show room look for your bedroom

Layer the bed with a variety of textures and patterns in the same color family. A damask coverlet, a pillow in a faux fur or cashmere, and a mohair throw casually tossed on the end all add the look of luxury. Texture comes from quilted pillow covers, “vermicelli”-stitched coverlets, and matelasse spreads used in place of blankets.

Using a dust ruffle? Stylists will often use two for an extra-puffy look. If you top a long bed skirt with a shorter one, the look is ruffled and feminine.

Instead of just two standard pillows, use two 26-inch-square pillows with Euro shams, plus two or three standard pillows, plus a boudoir pillow or a neckroll.
You can even toss a queen- or king-sized pillow into the mix.

Use coordinating fabrics, and it won’t look haphazard.

Make sure to start with a thick mattress and box spring. If your fitted sheet is big enough to accommodate it, add a thick mattress pad or down pillow top to your mattress.

Give your duvet an especially fluffy look by using a duvet in the next-largest size.

Evaluate your bed from the perspective of touch. What adds softness? What invites relaxation? Controlling the color palette lends serenity, while a blend of textures adds interest and appeals to the senses.

Custom Bedding

Made-to-order luxurious Collections, ships within 3 weeks.

Sophisticated yet tailored. Sumptuous yet livable. our collections are hand crafted in the finest fabrics for lasting quality.

Magnificent textures – silks, damasks, tapestries, velvets and elegant trims – are thoughtfully selected and matched to assure a bedding ensemble of enduring appeal.

Or you will be able to customize any piece in any size from our bedding fabric portfolio.

Each Custom Collection is comprised of up to 16 components, including reversible shams and duvets.

Quick-Ship Bedding

Elegant Collections, ships next day. Good things come to those who can’t wait. Each Collection includes up to nine pieces to layer, duplicate, or enjoy individually.

Upholstered Headboards

Handcrafted, ships within 3-4 weeks. Complete your bedscape with an upholstered headboard using one of our luxurious fabrics or your own. Whether you choose a traditional tufted camelback, a tufted or modern straightback, or any other of our seven styles, our headboards are sure to harmonize with your bedding Collection.

photo credit: H is for Home How to achieve a dreamy bedroom via photopin (license)