Association of Redesign and Staging Professionals (ARSP®)

Your Furnishings … Our Collaborative Ideas …
A Creatively Inspired and Functional Space in One Day

Interior Redesign... Your Furnishings & Our Collaborative IdeasThe mission of ASRP® is to encourage excellence in the practice of Interior Redesign and Home Staging, assist its members to professionally serve the public, demonstrate the value of the profession, and work for a favorable environment for the practice of interior redesign.

The Association of Redesign and Staging Professionals® consists of Re-designers that are trained in using a homeowner’s existing furnishings, accessories and art to create an inspired and functional space in just one day. A redesign professional uses specific skills that focus on a home’s particular architectural design that includes the lines, shape and features of a room. Coupled with the needs and aspirations of the homeowner, a Re-Designer listens, understands and ultimately will create a space that will exceed the homeowner’s expectations.

What is Interior Redesign?

Interior Redesign concerns itself with the visual or ambient enhancement of an interior space. It seeks to harmonize the space and improve the lifestyle of the homeowner using their existing furnishings, accessories and artwork.

This transformation is accomplished by taking the contents out of a room and realigning each piece of furniture architecturally.  Layering is then done through smaller pieces, artwork, lighting and lastly, accessories. The home is shopped for furnishings and accessories that can perhaps work in the newly redesigned space. If the space is in need of something else, this technique allows defining the size, shape and theme of additional purchases. The elements of redesign range from the visual (color, lighting, form, function) to the coordination of lines, points, and shapes.

What Does an Interior Redesigner and Home Stager Do?

An Interior Redesigner is professionally trained to create a well-designed and functional space and is qualified through training, hands-on experiences and examination. A professional re-designer can provide quality decorating help at affordable prices without getting rid of one’s home furnishings and starting from scratch.

Some Interior Redesigners can provide various services that relate to surface decorating that includes paint, color, fabrics, furnishings, lighting, and other materials as well as concerning themselves with the aesthetics, style and mood. The redesign must have a practical appreciation for these elements. He or she must understand how people use and respond to these elements, not just individually, but as the elements interact with one another.

The Association of Redesign and Staging Professionals (ARSP®) provides opportunities that maintain and enhance member services, while promoting professional and public education, and expanding markets.

Through our training and experience you can count on ARSP® redesigners to give you finished results that look terrific and function well for the interior space that has been redesigned.

We are a versatile bunch… Each interior Re-designer’s goal is to create the space you desire while saving you from expensive purchases. Communication with you, our client, is key.

Whether redesigning personal living spaces or work environments, ARSP® redesigners thrive on having your space meet your needs and goals, while functioning well for a long time to come.

ARSP® was established in 2004, by founder Joy Nan Rodia, owner of Spaces School of Interior Redesign and Home Staging, LLC.

Joy is an active member of the Interior Design Society, a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Madison, New Jersey. has been educating consumers for the past 12 years, and is the NJ Instructor for the Dewey Color System as well the Decorate Fabulously Workshops.

ARSP® provides quality service based on client expectations and needs.

Interior Redesign and Home Staging professionals provide, facilitate, and promote quality services based on client needs and expectations, current knowledge, and professional experience.

Standards of Practice

Each Interior Redesign and Home Staging Professional:

  1. Collaborates with client to assess needs and resources available to establish mutual goals
  2. Collaborates with other redesign professionals as appropriate
  3. Applies Interior redesign knowledge and skills to determine the most appropriate way of arranging client’s furnishings and accessories
  4. Implements quality practice by following procedures, and redesign guidelines, as well as the Standards of Professional Practice
  5. Fosters excellence and exhibits professionalism in interior redesign
  6. Continuously evaluates redesign techniques and outcomes

Examples of Outcomes

  • Clients actively participate in establishing goals and objectives for their room(s)
  • Clients’ needs are met when redesign process is completed
  • Clients are satisfied with service and products provided

Contact us to find out how to become a member of ARSP®.

The application for professional membership includes documentation of business and marketing plans, photo documentation of before and after shots demonstrating the Spaces School of Interior Redesign and Decorating principles in real client work sites. In addition, copies of marketing materials, proof of liability insurance, and copies of printed invoices for client work are required. Professional fees charged.

It takes longer than expected to become a professional member of ARSP®. Every professional member goes through a review process prior to being accepted as a member of ARSP®. This is to insure that every professional member meets the minimum standard of professionalism prior to being referred to the public.