Interior Redesign, Home Staging and Decorating Training and Workshops in NJThinking of a career in INTERIOR REDESIGN and HOME STAGING?

Imagine being paid to do something you absolutely adore and have a passion for!

Interior Redesign or interior arrangement as well as Home Staging is the HOTTEST addition to the interior design industry. Not only is it practical, but it is quite affordable to the homeowner or business owner who is looking for a change in the way their space feels and looks.

People want to know how to work with what they have and to have their own personality enhanced.

Having a business in Interior Redesign, Home Staging and Decorating is a great choice for those seeking self-employment, or adding these skills to an existing interior design business or real estate business.

It enables you to provide services to those in need to have their space rethought, reworked, and refreshed.

Although men and women may approach business in a slightly different way, the explosive growth of women-owned businesses over the past decade attests to the success of their non-traditional style.

Did you know that women entrepreneurs tend to find satisfaction and success from building relationships with customers and employees, and from having control of their own destiny from doing something they love and consider worthwhile?

If you are visiting this website, I am sure you have been, at times, permanently parked on the HGTV channel. And I am glad you stopped here to take a break from Candace, Selling NY, and David.

Spaces School of Interior Redesign and Home Staging LLC offers a one-of-a-kind training program.

Five day Interior Redesign and Home Staging Workshop

Our Five day Workshop provides you with everything you need to begin your career in Interior Redesign and Decorating, as well as Home Staging.  You will have an opportunity to post your Business with the Association of Redesign and Staging Professionals (ARSP®) and will receive a Certificate of Completion for this well-rounded Interior Redesign/Home Staging Program.

The program includes a comprehensive and extensive training manual that contains over 500 pages of clear, concise information that has everything you will need to know to start your career in interior redesign and home staging or expand your existing design business.

Site Training is done on four homes which will give you the opportunity to implement the concepts and principles of interior redesign through the artful placement of furniture, art and accessory.

We will also have an in-studio accessorizing project to enable you to refine your skills. In addition, we will evaluate five case studies in detail as to the layout, function, and flow of each space. We will then Rethink, Rework, and Refresh™ the spaces using furniture templates to demonstrate how the room can be better pulled together using the homeowner’s existing furnishings. We will then reassess what furniture and accessories can be added to the space should there not be enough of the homeowner’s furniture. This will allow for each student to learn how to assess each room on their own as to furniture layout, function, and form on paper.

You will have an opportunity to post your Business with the Association of Redesign and Staging Professionals® and will receive a Certificate of Completion of this well-rounded Interior Redesign and Home Staging Program.

Your Investment for this program will be $3,000.00 and includes:

  • A 500 page Interior Redesign and Staging Manual with clear, concise and easy to follow guidelines, checklists, business forms, as well as a Home Staging manual armed with checklists, Vacant Home Staging guidelines, forms and more
  • Transportation to and from work sites
  • Food and Beverages
  • ARSP® Gift Tote

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