A well-decorated home looks attractive to guests, but a well-decorated home is truly an extension of your personality.

Some people wake up in the morning with an immediate understanding of their style. They move into a new place and know exactly how they are going to arrange their furniture and hang their artwork. They know what they love and how to effortlessly pull the pieces together. And then there are the rest of us…

It is not that we are lacking taste, or opinions, we just like lots of things and we are not always 100% sure how to combine everything together.

We can say we have a sense of how things should work but are not completely confident enough to trust our instincts, or we are missing the pieces needed to complete our look.

So the space just feels not right.

A well -designed room is essential as the clothing that you wear to the office.

So where to begin?

Tackling your entire home can be intimidating, so think of it as a decorating journey.

The Design Studio of Spaces can help you get prepared for your project and take your through your journey with ease.

Here are 8 things you should consider before starting your project:

  1. Set a deadline and a budget
  2. Pick a Room
  3. Find your style and make a statement
  4. Get on the same page with everyone that matter
  5. Take an inventory of what is staying or going
  6. Get up to Speed with the basics of design
  7. Shop Wisely
  8. Enjoy your Journey