Spaces Design Studio, Madison, NJ combines the art of decorating with interior arrangement.When it’s time to create the home you’ve always wanted, the interior design services from Spaces Design Studio can help. We combine the art of decorating with that of interior arrangement to bring you everything from full-service decorating, including imaginative custom window treatments and custom furnishings. We will also consult on color and design as well as do one-day interior makeovers.

Your needs determine the scope of our involvement, but no matter the size of the project, working with clients to create a personal, joyful and livable space is our goal.

What can Spaces do for you?

  • Do you have a new home and want a whole new look?
  • Want to re-work an old home to fit the way you live today?
  • Do you want to consider using more color, or acquire some new pieces?
  • Need new window treatments, or want to reupholster tired furniture?
  • Need help finding and choosing fabulous fabrics?
  • Want to establish a natural color flow from room to room?
  • Need help deciding what to keep and what to leave behind when you move?
  • Choosing color, fixtures, and finishes for a kitchen or bath remodel?
  • Want to revive underused or ignored spaces?
  • Have great stuff but aren’t sure how to put it all together?
  • Don’t know where to begin, but want a terrific space?

Interior design services are not essential in the scheme of life, but designing with Spaces Design Studio can be a source of immeasurable pleasure and can satisfy the vital force of nest building that is in all of us. Whether it is through a design consultation or taking one of our many decorating classes or workshops, Spaces can help.

Deciding on a suitable style for your home can pose quite a challenge.

When you purchase a new home, there is little chance your lifestyle or household coincides with that of the previous owners. Although not possible in every case, it is a great idea to live in a home for some months before finalizing any decisions on radical changes. In that time, you will experience the house’s shortcomings and can judge just what you can and cannot live with.

It is so tempting to dive in and start looking at fabrics and paint chips before any of the planning has taken place but it really does pay dividends to do things the right way the first time around… Spaces Design Studio can plan your project and follow a specific sequence to:

  1. Examine and change the structure
  2. Plan the arrangement of the furniture
  3. Plan your lighting
  4. Select the scheme

The order of these stages is quite specific, each question logically following on from the completion of the previous one. For example, it is not possible to arrange the positioning of light fittings before you have planned where the furniture is going to be placed.

There are many reasons why our Interior Design Services might be the answer:

  1. New Room Use – You may wish to convert an existing guest bedroom into a dressing room.
  2. Change of Lifestyle – Perhaps your new job requires you to entertain a lot at home, so you might decide to join up a sitting room and a study to form a spacious dining room.
  3. Additions to the Household – A new baby is expected, so you determine to build an extension to accommodate a playroom.
  4. Proportion and Correction – Would the removal of a picture rail improve the division of space within your living room?
  5. You Wish to Give Character – The addition of window treatments might make your dining room more interesting and inviting.
  6. Natural Light is Insufficient – By enlarging a window you might make a dark corridor more inviting.

The decorating problem may require surgery or could be possibly solved by doing something as simple as re-hanging a door on the opposite axis, or taking one of Spaces Design Studio’s classes and workshops. Click here to arrange a complimentary 1/2-hour, in-studio consultation.