Train to become a Professional Interior Redesigner/Home StagerOur five-day training class trains you to become a Professional Interior Redesigner / Home Stager. You will be trained in how to interpret the lifestyles of a client into a room’s redesign. This is achieved with an eye toward balance, scale texture and color. The goal is not to sell home furnishing to clients, but to provide them with the expertise in using their own belongings to transform their home.

Interior redesigners are creative, imaginative and artistic. They also need to be disciplined, organized and skilled business people. With the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in the interior design field for 15 years, I’m able to provide you with the aesthetic vision that interior redesigners must have today to work with clients and develop design solutions that are safe, functional, and attractive. Interior redesigners must also meet the needs of the people using their existing furnishing and accessories.

Our workshops provide a creative learning environment that will allow you to develop your talents and abilities in Interior Redesign and Home Staging. You will be among people just like yourself, who share your passion and interest in home decorating.

Workshops are limited to five students for the best learning environment for practicing these redesign skills.

This is an extensive workshop that will enable you to learn the techniques and principles of a Professional Interior Redesigner that you can apply to every room you touch. It is about the hands-on experience with four “real clients” with interior arrangement needs that enable you to refine your interior redesign skills.

Does that sound like you? Maybe you don’t possess all of the above, but perhaps there are one or two things you could say “YES” to, and that is quite a good start!!

At Spaces School of Interior Redesign and Home Staging, we provide an exciting and educational learning environment in which to enhance and refine your decorating skills to a career as a Professional Interior Redesigner — one that will keep you on the cutting edge of both Interior Redesign and Decorating.

We are seeking talented people for our Association of Redesign and Staging Professionals®.

Working as a Professional Interior Redesigner is really a fantastic way to spend the day. You have the opportunity to meet people and explore and implement ideas using a homeowner’s existing furnishings and accessories that are available to you. It is truly rewarding and a wonderful way to rethink, rework, and refresh a space™… there is nothing like it!!!

The training manual is over 450 pages and will provide you with the necessary techniques and concepts so you may provide your services on a professional level. You will also be a part of the Association of Redesign and Staging Professionals® and have an opportunity to become part of this network and post your business on our website. It will include marketing strategies, a business start-up kit and business resources. It will provide you with the insight on what it takes to become an entrepreneur as well as learning about color theory, lighting, space planning, accessorizing, window treatments and much more…

Home Staging Tools for Real Estate Professionals

Our Training Program will help you build a successful Interior Redesign/Home Staging business.

If you are serious about starting and growing your own interior redesign/home staging business or are ready to add a valuable and profitable service to your existing real estate business, the Spaces School of Interior Redesign’s Staging Certification Training Program will push you way ahead of the other programs that are offered by showing you the ins and outs of the business. We will show you, from the inside and out, how to make a home more sellable through some simple cosmetic changes that make all the difference.

The Spaces School of Interior Redesign and Home Staging Program is about:

  • Learning the interior design and home staging techniques through hands-on experience
  • How to start up and run your business
  • Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Networking
  • How to conduct a Home Staging/Interior Redesign Consultation
  • Advertising
  • And so much more.

Why does Home Staging work?

Statistics prove that people will decide in 10 seconds or less whether or not they like your home. This tells us that it is most important to create a great first impression that lasts. Effective home staging creates broad appeal and a sense of space and beauty that buyers will notice and remember. The techniques used for creating a staged home increases marketability, and this works to help achieve quicker sales and yield higher values.

You may have heard that decorating your home to sell is different from decorating your home to live. It’s true. When rooms are redesigned to live, home stagers consider:

  • How the family lives in the home, and
  • What their needs are and how the space is used.

When designing a home for sale, home stagers consider what the buyer will think and feel about the home from the moment they see a property as they drive up and during the entire time they are walking through.

Buyers are judging homes every minute spent in them, and during that time they are looking for reasons why they should put an offer in for less than what a home is worth. This is why home stagers need to make buyers fall in love with the features of the home and show them what it would be like to live there.

Our program works because we show you how to stage a home towards connecting the buyer emotionally to the home to achieve a “got to have it now” attitude. It’s about having the prospective buyer connect emotionally to the home so they think, “I love it. This is the place for me.”

Staging a Home

The goal of home staging is to create an atmosphere of space, comfort and beauty. By using proven home staging techniques we help buyers fall in love with what they see. Staging minimize the bits and pieces that can distract a buyer and creates an environment where buyers can imagine living there.

It’s creating the atmosphere. Home staging services create a home that is organized, spacious and welcoming. How is this done? It is done through de-clutter, properly arranging furnishings, considering appropriate art and accessories and lots of editing. We will show you all this and more.

Are you ready to pursue your passion for decorating and real estate by becoming a professional interior redesigner?