Draperies bring warmth and intimacy into a room. Nothing can match the timeless elegance of beautiful curtains in your home. You can choose between working drapes to cover your windows or stationary side panels.

It seems like everyone is going natural these days. From natural food to natural fabrics, the natural look has become a popular trend in home décor. With an abundance of natural materials, the possibilities are endless. The “in” products this season are wood shutters and woven wood shaded design to your window coverings. Adding decorative hardware as an extra touch is one of many creative options. Whatever your taste may be, The Design Studio of Spaces can provide you with unique and infinite possibilities of fabrics and styles to suit your personality and budget.

Here are a few common questions that our clients ask about window treatments:

Question 1
I like the natural light in my room but I am concerned about my privacy. What kind of window treatments are the best solutions for this situation?

There are quite a few treatments that can provide creative solutions to preserving natural light while maintaining privacy:
1. Silhouettes
2. Luminettes
3. Semi-opaque Cellular Shades
4. Roman shades with sheer fabric
5. Sheer Draperies

Question 2
What kind of window treatment is good for a large sliding door?

Sliding doors usually present a unique challenge with window treatments selection. In most cases, we will try to avoid using treatments that go up and down and try to utilize side-moving treatments such as Sliding panels (track systems) Shutters, Vertiglide

Question 3
I have existing shades on my windows. I don’t want to replace them but I would like to add something to the windows in order to give the room a final touch?

The best way to dress up a room is to add toppers drapes or complement it with bedding and /or accessories. We have a great selection of custom bedding for all budgets and styles.

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