Learning…it’s a beautiful thing. Spaces Design Studio presents a fresh variety of practical classes, workshops and redesign training programs. From adding extra personality to small spaces, space planning, color theory and accessorizing, we have an exciting and informative list of classes and workshops.

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List of Classes

Decorate Fabulously! It’s Girls Day Out!

Five Week “Decorating Your Home” Class

Interior Redesign and Home Staging Training

Dewey Color Certification Course

Decorate Fabulously! It’s Girls Day Out!

Decorate Fabulously Workshop in NJ

If you have a passion for decorating (or a fear of decorating!), then this workshop was created just for you! Here’s an opportunity to spend the day with a Design Professional in your area who will share Insider Tips, Beautiful Inspiration, and guide you through the world of Decorating Fabulously! This workshop is a little bit of talk combined with lots of visuals and hands-on projects. It’s a fun-filled, fast-paced workshop designed for you to learn how to create a beautiful home on any budget!

You’ll explore…

  • Finding Inspiration to Jump Start a Project
  • Discovering Your Personal Style
  • Drawing a Floor Plan
  • Evaluating Your Space
  • Furniture Styles and Thinking Outside the Box
  • Arranging Furniture for Your Lifestyle
  • Decorating on Any Budget
  • Fabulous Finishes for Floors, Walls and Ceilings
  • Color Without Fear – Choosing a Color Scheme
  • Finding Fabrics – Color, Texture and Durability
  • Selecting Window Treatments with Beauty and Function
  • Laying the Lighting in Your Home
  • Making Your House a Home with Accessories

Look at what you will do with Joy Nan Rodia, Interior Design expert, at your side…

Begin an Inspiration File

Draw a Floor Plan (It’s Easy!)

Create a Furniture Arrangement

Make a Display Page with a Color Scheme

Select Lighting for Your Floor Plan Above

End the Day with a Completed Project!

Interior Design & Redesign Workshops in New Jersey

Look at what you’ll receive…

A Decorating Workbook that provides highlights from the workshop, tons of Decorating Terms for reference and a place for notes throughout the day!

And best of all…

You’ll go home with a ton of new ideas and the confidence to create the home you’ve always dreamed of. Save time and money by making decisions based on what you’ve learned! We believe Decorating a Home is something everyone can do – this workshop will give you the tools and tips to Decorate Fabulously! And have fun doing it!

Registration is Required for All WorkshopsWorkshop Price:  $275.00

Ready to Decorate Fabulously? Click here to send an inquiry for more information on this class. Register with your BFF (It’s always more fun to share ideas with a friend.)

Five Week “Decorating Your Home” Class

Fee:  $650.00 (includes binder with lessons, furniture template kit, designer color wheel)

It’s a hands-on, very informative and full-filled class that will put you in the right direction to start or complete your decorating project. We cover the following:

  1. Color Theory and Color Psychology
  2. Space Planning
  3. Focal Points as They Relate to Each Room in Your Home
  4. Lighting
  5. Accessory and Art
  6. Furniture
  7. Fabrics
  8. Advice on Your Personal Space

Interior Redesign and Home Staging Training

Please call the studio at 973-794-3510, for our upcoming training session, as it varies from month to month.  You may also visit our Redesign Training page here.

Dewey Color Certification Course

Please call the Studio for our current schedule as it varies from month to month.

Dewey Color Coordinator Certified – One-Day Course: $799

You will learn how to evaluate existing colors and select colors that reflect and inspire your client. Hands-on problem solving exercises will give you the ability to create by-room, no-mistake color palettes that express how, when and where to best combine hues and undertones.

Download the course brochure here.

The Dewey Color Coordinator Certification Course – Two-Day Course: $1,295

25,000 No-Mistake Combinations… This patented color swatch book makes the selection of  color combination easy. Your clients will avoid cost color faux pas as you skillfully address issues and concerns regarding décor, walls, fabric and accessories. Then, simply flip the pages to select precision colors that tie in a theme or establish a requested mood.

Topics Include:

  • Color and Science
  • How to Spot Color Undertones
  • The Rules of Combining Colors
  • Safe Wall Colors and How to Use Them
  • How to Use the Coordinator
  • Color and More

Learn all about the Dewey Color Course here.